About us

The first step to establish Alhazim Companies Group was establishing Alhazim Co. for public transportation and oil services in 1985.

The company was founded by the Brothers (Salam , Dhakir , Maher and Dafer Bodagh).

And we decided to be the name of the company Alhazim relative to our father (Hazim Bodagh). Where the company has executed many contracts and projects that are countless and described in detail in companies section in the home page (page of Alhazim Co. for oil services and public transportation).

And after that we have established Rechard Co. in (Dohuk-Kurdistan Region – Iraq). Then, we have established Al-Melad Co. for storing and trade in (Amman – Jordan). And also we have established Anwar Al-Azal Co. for oil services and general trade in (Baghdad – Iraq). Finally, we have established Al-fadico (Off-Shore) Co. in (Beirut – Lebanon).

You can see the details of these companies in the page companies and we are mindful to maintain the level and efficiency of these companies to be a source of confidence, security and accuracy in work.

Conact us

  • Address: Iraq – Dahuk - Alhay Alaskary - House No. 14
  • Phone: 009647481746605
  • E-Mail: info@alhazimgroup.com